BarbaCuban Sauces - Ram Air Red Zesty Ketchup


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Don’t settle for regular ketchup! Their Caribbean-inspired ketchup sauce breathes new life into this beloved condiment. They’ve added a subtle smokiness and significant spiciness, letting ketchup take on more of a starring role when you add it to your food.

BarbaCuban Ram Air Red Zesty Ketchup goes on anything you’d put ketchup on, but with more of an impact. Top your burgers and chicken sandwiches with it (and if you’re one of those people who puts ketchup on hot dogs, go for it). Take your meatloaf game to a new level and glaze your steaks with it. Dip your fries, tots, and onion rings in it for a superior side experience. Put ketchup on your eggs? Now you put zesty ketchup on your eggs! And don’t eat a breakfast burrito without it!